Black Star Pastry’s Summer S’More

Mon 9th November, 2020 – Mon 31st May, 2021
Black Star Pastry Newtown, Rosebery, Sydney CBD, Moore Park
Price: $7.50
The cult bakery’s latest launch is a fancy spin on a classic camping snack.

Roasting a marshmallow over a campfire, sandwiching it with a piece of chocolate between two crackers and calling it a s’more is a US tradition that, while delicious, has never quite become a standard camping snack in Australia. That might be set to change with the launch of cult bakery Black Star Pastry’s new sweet treat, the Summer S’More.

The flavours of the s’more have been distilled into this dessert that, like Black Star’s other creations, is as beautiful as it is tasty. A flaky croissant pastry is filled with almond cream, vanilla-custard cream and poached peaches, and topped with raspberries and a toasted marshmallow pierced with a chocolate skewer.

Black Star’s Summer S’Mores are now available at all Sydney stores for $7.50 each.