Ben Lee Joins the Concious Club

Thu 25th July, 2013
5:45pm – 10:00pm
City Recital Hall
2 Angel Place, Sydney
Price: $55 - $65

Born after too many nights resulting in hoarse voices and hangovers, the Conscious Club is an organisation designed to create a conscious community and provide an enlightened night out. Hosting events that are fun, informative and uplifting in every way, the Conscious Club is presenting its biggest event yet with Ben Lee.

In a night featuring short films, art installations, meditation, dinner and - of course - music, Lee will provide a narrative of his career and beliefs, discussing and performing his own work. As an artist, his work has often centred around concepts of love, everyday life, and the struggle to exists as a holistically 'good' person - all themes that the Conscious Club go out of their way to engage with and promote.

With so much on offer in one evening, tickets are sure to disappear quickly, so get in quickly for your chance to seek enlightenment with one of the zen masters of Australian music.