Audible Sleep and Sound Experience

Fri 15th March, 2019
The Indigo Project
33 Foster Street, Surry Hills
Get your zzz’s on.

To celebrate (or should we say, relax) on World Sleep Day, the Indigo Project and Audible are hosting a workshop to help you get the most out of your sleep.

Run by Mary Hoang, founder of The Indigo Project, the workshop will deliver exercises using the power of sound and mindful listening to help you reach peak relaxation. Hoang will also be sharing tips and evidence-based strategies to help you relax your mind for optimal sleep.

The workshop will end with a surprise Audible audiobook recording narrated by a well-known author that’ll help you fall into the deepest state of relaxation you can imagine.

After the workshop, you’ll gain access to online codes which will include complimentary audiobooks from Audible and relaxation goodies, tools and skills.

From 1pm to 1.45pm.

More information here.