Art is Our Voice

Wed 14th May, 2014 – Thu 22nd May, 2014
Verge Gallery
Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney, Darlington

Showcasing the creative work of refugees and people seeking asylum, Art Is Our Voice hopes to give these artists the opportunity to make new connections that will help them pursue their craft in Australia.

The exhibition is run by Settlement Services International (SSI) with Amnesty International’s ARTillery project, and aims to provide a platform for artists who have worked professionally in their countries of origin to present their stories to the world.

Of special interest will be the work of ‘coffee artist’, Masoud Akhava Ghassabzadeh who uses instant coffee mixed with water to paint. Ghassabzadeh taught himself to paint with coffee while in detention when he had no access to paint and says he still prefers the look of the medium now that he lives in the community.

Victor Youssef, 72, from Egypt, has been in Australia less than 12 months but has work displayed in churches in the USA, Italy and Egypt. Victor has brought a collection of work made by etching images into copper sheets with him to Australia that he hopes to sell so he can rent a studio space.