Anthony Lister: Culture Is Over

Wed 17th July, 2019 – Sun 21st July, 2019
77 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross (former Porky’s site)
The artist is back for the 10-year anniversary of the pop-up art event that helped take him from Sydney’s streets to the white walls of New York galleries.

You’ve probably seen Anthony Lister’s eerily figurative graffiti, and his tag, scrawled across old buildings in Sydney. From July 17, Lister’s latest body of work will fill the once notorious and now-neglected Porky’s Nite Spot along Kings Cross’ red-light strip.

Ten years ago, Lister held his now-famous one-night exhibition No Win Sitch in the same space. In fact, the same decade-old posters have been used to promote the upcoming show, Culture is Over – which Lister has been posting around town, dressed in disguise with a hand-drawn monobrow and blackened tooth.

The new body of work, incorporating film, sculpture, painting and live happenings, will also reveal the artist’s imagined predictions for the future of social-media usage and its addictive nature.

From 11am to 3pm daily.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Culture Is Over will now end Sunday July 21.

More information here.