All-You-Can-Eat Wagyu Beef

Sun 1st March, 2020 – Sun 31st May, 2020
Shop 7 6 Central Park Avenue Chippendale 2008
Price: $38.88
For less than $40 at a Japanese barbeque joint in Chippendale.

Gyusha is dedicated to yakiniku – a Japanese style of eating where you grill your own meat. The team behind it also run a Wagyu beef farm in the central west of New South Wales, which supplies the restaurant.

It usually offers an all-you-can-eat-Wagyu-beef buffet for $85, but – understanding that’s not the most approachable price point – it’s announced a slightly reduced version for $38.88.

Grill your own thinly sliced Wagyu beef belly, Wagyu oyster blade, Wagyu rib, Wagyu neck and Wagyu horumon (intestines). Plus, Wagyu meatballs. Also included in the buffet: karaage chicken, fried gyoza, agedashi tofu, takoyaki (octopus balls), udon noodle soup, and a dozen or so veggie sides.

Sittings are 90 minutes, and the last order will be taken an hour after the first order.

More information here.