Book Now: Cockatoo Island Ghostyard – A Paranormal Experience

Wed 31st October, 2018
Cockatoo Island
Sydney Harbour
Price: $45–$250
Delve into the dark corners of Cockatoo Island on this adults-only tour.

Sure, it’s surrounded by spectacular Sydney Harbour, but even by day Cockatoo Island is a little eerie. That makes the prospect of Ghostyard – A Paranormal Experience slightly terrifying.

Launching on Halloween (of course) the adults-only 90-minute tour explores the four main types of paranormal activity: residual hauntings, intelligent hauntings, shadow figures and poltergeists.

With access to buildings rarely open to the public – and a guide equipped with a K-II EMF reader, a device used in paranormal detection – you’ll hear some of the island’s more gruesome tales, including of grisly murders, botched prison escapes and deadly accidents.

Keep the unnerving feeling alive by booking the island’s glamping accommodation for the night.

After the inaugural tour, they’ll continue every Saturday all year round. The tour starts at 9.30pm and concludes at the very dark hour of 11pm.

More information here.