2018 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

Sat 13th April, 2019 – Sun 5th May, 2019
Australian National Maritime Museum
2 Murray Street, Sydney
The 100 most extraordinary photos of the natural world, gathered from across the globe.

A 10-year-old captures two pipe owls huddled in a waste pipe in India. Deep in China’s Qinling Mountains a Dutch photographer takes an intimate portrait of endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys, and while on the Tellico River in search of freshwater life, an American photographer sees a water snake clamped in the jaws of a giant salamander.

From the crisp action shot of mud-rolling dauber wasps captured by Australian photographer Georgina Steytler, to the shocking image of a group of Crabeater seals crammed onto a melting ice floe in the Antarctic, the 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award is filled with 100 awe-evoking snapshots of the natural world.

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