Exercise doesn’t have to be boring – no really, it doesn’t. From retro dance classes, to Footgolf and Bike Polo, here are our picks for the most unusual and entertaining workouts in Sydney.

Groove Therapy’s Hip-Hop 101

Groove Therapy’s hip-hop dance classes really get the blood moving. There are no mirrors and the lights are dimmed, meaning you dance like no one’s watching with absolutely zero judgment.



It seems there is no stopping the advent of weird and wonderful hybrid sports, from Chess-boxing to Underwater Hockey. Footgolf is the latest sport to take off internationally. It is essentially a round of golf, in which players kick a soccer ball from one spot to the next until they sink it in an extra large hole. Try it out with your mates at Northbridge Golf Club.



Retrosweat is the place to live out your ‘80s aerobic fantasies. Sweat up a storm in one of the hour-long sessions, featuring classic dance moves, retro hits and power ballads. There are sessions in Waterloo on Tuesdays, Bondi on Wednesdays and Surry Hills on Thursdays. Bodysuits and leg-warmers are not only welcome, they’re encouraged.


Skylab Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity or aerial yoga is an exercise trend you should get behind. It combines traditional forms of yoga with an aerial hammock, so you will be stretching, posing and seriously strengthening your core while hanging above ground. Skylab in Surry Hills offers low to high intensity sessions, to suit all capabilities.


Bike Polo

Playing polo while riding a bike might sound like something for the coordinated, but Sydney Bike Polo holds Newbie Nights every Wednesday at Alexandria Park. Bring your own bike or helmet.


Axe Throwing at Precinct 75

Maniax (located at Precinct 75) holds axe-throwing sessions to satisfy your inner-lumberjack. You’ll learn how to properly throw an axe, and hopefully you’ll be hitting the target in no time. Give it a go for a fun work or group event, or join the league if you’re extra keen. No need to bring an axe, they’re provided.


Skyfit and Dodgeball at Sky Zone

Sky Zone trampoline parks in Alexandria and Miranda offer exercise sessions that will have you literally jumping off the walls and onto more than 100 connected trampolines. The Skyfit sessions are high-intensity training sessions, with one difference – they take place on the trampoline. Sky Zone also runs an anti-gravity Dodgeball competition. All you need is five mates for your chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the 2017 Ultimate Dodgeball Championship.


Scenic Cycle

Spin cycle can be hard work. But riding through the French Alps or along the Hawaiian coastline would surely make it more pleasurable. That’s the idea behind Scenic Cycle, which has studios in the CBD and Manly. In each class, big screens at the front will transport you to a different destination. Scenic Cycle also runs music-themed classes, from best of the ‘80s through to ‘90s guilty pleasures. We’d get on the bike for that.


Yoga and Wine with Vinyasa in the Vines

The latest thing to be paired with yoga is wine, and we aren’t complaining. Vinyasa in the Vines holds yoga classes in serene locations including wineries and cellars. A special wine-tasting follows each hour-long session. Vinyasa in the Vines holds two weekly classes: one is held at 7pm on Tuesdays at Urban Winery and another at 11am on Fridays at Handpicked Wines.