The number one supermodel in the world is in Sydney for a brief visit – coming up with a new look called the ‘Koala’, which he debuted, appropriately, on the Harbour Bridge.

Ben Stiller has been strutting through town as Derek Zoolander to promote the sequel to his much-loved and still-quoted 2001 comedy. Stiller arrived for Zoolander 2’s premiere at The State Theatre on Australia Day but Zoolander has stuck around to do the tourist circuit.

He’s had a busy morning. The Harbour Bridge climb has been turned into a catwalk, and he attempted to visit his old pal Oprah at her Sydney home, the Oprah House.

Naturally, you can follow Zoolander’s escapades on Instagram; and there’s every possibility he’ll turn up on a street near you. With his entourage, he’ll be easy to spot.

Zoolander 2 is in cinemas February 12.