We can probably all agree there has got to be more to 6.30am than freezing your toes off as you shuffle toward an obligatory spin session before plugging into the caffeine drip at the office. Mornings don’t have to be that way, say the team bringing Morning Gloryville from London (and New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo, Zurich, Dublin and San Francisco) to Sydney. Morning Gloryville is a “conscious clubbing” experience from 6.30am–10.30am, equipped with the full spectrum of morning goodies: coffee, Borne superfood smoothies, ongoing yoga classes and of course, a dance floor.

Max Becker, organiser and DJ for the event, says the rave culture of the past missed the point with its fixation on drugs and alcohol. It was actually more about friendship and a feeling of community, he says. Fitness-conscious Sydney lends an ideal setting for the sober breakfast rave, with early-bird ticket sales already sold out. “I’ve lived here my whole life, and Sydney loves this kind of thing,” says Becker. “We’re a summer city, we need to be active … There’s a health aspect that people can really latch onto. There’s been nothing like it before.”

Morning Gloryville hopes to, “Take the ego out of exercise and send people off to their day happy,” says Becker. People can be really serious. People get into the 9–5 grind of things. We can provide something that’s different.”

The music line-up will give wallflowers additional motivation to get out of their shells, featuring hip-hop heavyweight Klue, house beats from DJ Tricky and drum’n’base from Person3. Keeping in step with its London founders, there won’t be the typical pop fare usually associated with gyms.

This team has also turfed one final convention of rave culture, exchanging the usual basement/dungeon setting for the light-filled, iconic, high ceilings of Paddington Uniting Church, a venue that has hosted Lady Gaga in the past.

Morning Gloryville runs from 6.30am–10am and will be a monthly fixture at the Paddington Uniting Church following its launch on Wednesday July 23.

Tickets available here