There are few better feelings than waking up on the morning of a music festival, piling a few mates, eskies, tents, tunes and sundry other supplies into the car, and hitting the road. And there are few worse feelings than getting one hour down the road only to realise you have forgotten your sleeping bag. Or your tent pegs. Or your ticket.

Whether you're a festival veteran or you are about to embark on your first voyage to Golden Plains this weekend, you cannot be too prepared. Even the super-keen, those who rise at 4am twice a year to ensure a spot in Bush Camp, still need a checklist. With this in mind, here's ours.

Packing list

Your ticket
Top of the list because – like everything so important it shouldn't need mentioning - if you forget anything, it will probably be this. Don't risk having to throw yourself at the mercy of the guardians of the gate, put it in your glovebox now. On Wednesday.

Or a big, sturdy bottle you can put water in.

Alcoholic drinks in cans
Some of our favourite aluminum encased beverages, along with a list of where to buy them, can be found here.

Flask or thermos
If you're one of those folks who leaves at Stupid O'Clock in the morning, pulling a flask of hot tea or coffee out from under your seat to distribute to your co-pilots as the sun comes up will see you crowned king or queen of the weekend.

Snacks, scroggin and fruit
If you are adamant that no road trip is complete without BBQ Shapes, then we will not argue with you. But can we just say: fruit is really good for hangovers. And apples help you wake up.

Plate and cup
You will probably buy all your meals from a food truck, and you will probably spill some of those meals on your lap. Take a plate.

A second (or third) pair of pants
(see above).

Camp stool
If you have a good one, leave it at your campsite. If you take it down to the stage, you will leave it there.

File under so-important-it-doesn't-need-mentioning-which-means-you-will-forget-it.

(or buy an $8 poncho from Army Disposals).

Ironclad festival rule no. 64: If you prepare for rain, then it probably won't rain.

Camp lantern


Tent pegs
Remember the tent pegs.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat for under your sleeping bag

A beanie
Between 2 and 7am, this will be the most important piece of clothing in your possession.

Tunes for the car
For the trip, not your campsite. Don't be That Guy blasting Neil Young at 4am through your car stereo. No-one likes That Guy.