One of the hallmarks of an excellent meal is the deep desire to tell everyone about it. Cleverly, some of Sydney’s most popular food spots are practically begging us to spruik their delicious goods with a range of stylish-as-hell merch.

T-shirts, totes and condiments: we’re taking our love for our favourite restaurants far beyond the restaurant – now they’re infiltrating our pantries, our wardrobes and even our offices.

LP’s Quality Meats
Covering yourself in LP’s Quality Meats is a dream long held by many. Do it the socially acceptable way with a T-shirt featuring the Chippendale restaurant’s branding, available in both green and red-and-white ($30).

Grab a bottle of smoked maple syrup ($30) or smoked olive oil ($20) and carry it all home in your LP’s tote ($30).

Continental Deli
Few places exude “cool” like Continental Deli, with its tinned cocktails, sublime charcuterie and effortless contemporary European aesthetic. Strut those cosmopolitan vibes around town in a Continental Deli T-shirt ($35) (it comes in a reusable tin) with a tote bag ($35) slung casually over your shoulder.

Add some Continental flavour to your next Sunday lunch spread with a bottle of the diner’s hot sauce ($12), olive oil ($18), chilli oil ($12) or – oh my god – salted caramel ($12).

Sando Bar
Represent Sydney’s best chicken katsu sandwich with a Sando Bar T-shirt, available short-sleeved ($50) or long-sleeved ($55). For those with a caffeine addiction and a conscience, the Surry Hills cafe has also worked with a local ceramicist to produce its own line of reusable coffee cups, which will spark joy in the office.

Mary’s Pizzeria
Planted in Chippendale’s Lansdowne Hotel, Mary’s Pizzeria is loud, abrasive and, to borrow from their lexicon, fucking amazing. Kick around in one of the pizzeria’s limited edition graphic tees ($25), then plough into one of their Detroit-style pizzas, like the Fucking Tropical or the Fucking Spicy.

Dear Sainte Eloise
The team at Dear Sainte Eloise can sniff out a great wine from a mile away, but it turns out they have a nose for style, too. Show off your love for the bar in one of its minimalist white logo tees ($30), or display your love for wine with a tote ($25) with a vino bottle illustration. Sister bar Love Till Devine also flogs its own neon-printed shirts ($30) and totes ($25).

Rising Sun Workshop
Sydney’s first communal motorbike workshop and ramen bar is also Sydney’s first communal motorbike workshop and ramen bar to sell merch. Up your street cred with a Rising Sun Workshop trucker cap ($40) or T-shirt ($40). And if all those bike repairs you’ve been doing have worn holes in your clothes, just cover ’em up with a Rising Sun Workshop patch ($10).

Fish Butchery
Saint Peter chef [Josh Niland] is showing off his piscine knowledge at Fish Butchery, his innovative Paddington fishmonger-slash-takeaway shop. You can show the world too with a T-shirt ($38) or tote bag ($38) printed with the shop’s colourfully forensic logo.

If you fancy getting your hands dirty, you can also pick up a Saint Peter fish weight (essential for getting perfectly crisp skin at home – $150) or a Fish Butchery oyster knife ($14).

Manny’s Pizza Diner
The latest addition to Sydney’s late-night dining scene has wasted no time in creating merch. It’s selling T-shirts ($35) with what we can only assume is the face of the titular Manny splashed across it. This could be the perfect impulse purchase when you spill your drink over yourself during a night out at Freda’s across the road.