Giant bees, leafy sea dragons, multicoloured elephants, redback spiders and other creatures will light up the harbourside zoo during the 23 days of Vivid.

Lights for the Wild is the Taronga Zoo component of the annual festival and this year it features 290 multimedia light sculptures aimed at families and children. This is the third year the zoo has been included in the event.

“Vivid Sydney is about the nexus of art and technology,” says Ignatius Jones, the creative director of Vivid, in an official statement. “Here at Taronga we’ve taken one of the world’s oldest art forms – internally lit lanterns – and combined them with the latest LED technology. Expect the unexpected.”

That includes an enormous echidna with a moving tongue; three giant, illuminated gorillas, so you can pose for a Vivid “Gorillagram”; and a huge Port Jackson shark.

Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo runs from 5.30pm to 9.30pm every night from May 25 to June 16. Book tickets at