Brazil’s shantytowns, or favelas, are the inspiration for the food-and-light market that has been built as part of Chatswood’s Vivid hub. More than 20 international food stalls will be at its Light Market, which has been constructed from glomesh bags, lava lamps and industrial waste following a call-out to Sydneysiders to help build the venue. And there’s some cool eateries involved.

Mary’s burger merchants will be there alongside Sofrito Paella, Agape Organic, Fritz’s Wieners, That Arancini Guy and Zahara Grill. Hit up inner-west favourites Black Star Pastry and Cow and The Moon for your sweet fix, along with Pimp My Chimney and My Belgian Waggles.

Once you have your snacks, take a seat on a talking bench called I Have Feelings Too, or if you want a drink, you’ll need to undergo a lie detector test to make an order at the Liquid Lies bar.

The future will be pondered in a major new work called Life In 2050 created by Thom Buchanan (Australia) and Elaine Chiu (Hong Kong). And a series of projections of the solar system from NASA – captured using 360-degree projection techniques – will be screened as part of Future Scape.

Seek out Octopoda, a giant steampunk Octopus encircled by drums. As you drum, light travels up its tentacles. There’s also a giant luminous jellyfish made from plastic waste recovered from nearby waterways called Crank Zappa. And Skyportal will hang above the train station exit and reflect your image into another territory, like the Great Barrier Reef.

There is an environmental theme across all of Chatswood’s 2028 Vivid installations, which are powered by green energy – mostly supplied by Willoughby Council’s solar farm.

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood is on every evening from 5.30pm to 10.30pm from May 25 to June 16.

For a preview of Vivid’s Taronga Zoo, see here.