Botanic Gardens
The Botanic Gardens' plants, rock walls, tree canopies and 100-year-old ficuses will become canvases for Vivid Sydney.

This year you can explore the Electric Forest, curated by diploma and advanced-diploma students in Production Design, Bachelor of 3D Art, and Animation students at the Design Centre Enmore.

Continue walking and you'll be greeted by You Lookin’ At Me?: five large, glaring eyeballs staring out from the shrubs. Further in, the Birds of Lumos installation features "Rowi", a rare species of kiwi and her chick, wearing vision-enhancing night goggles. Illuminated sunflowers are also dotted around.

Vivid Light Walk
Take a journey through Sydney's streets, byways, harbour coves, garden parklands and secret parts of the city. There are more than 65 works on show along the way, from a giant piano, which you can actually dance on, to a magic horse. Around The Rocks is the best place to see the major projections and interactive installations, including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) and Cadman’s Cottage.

Vivid Sydney at The Royal Botanic Garden and the Light Walk run from May 26 to June 17, 6pm–11pm.