Today, Uber will be delivering kittens.

The #uberkittens initiative is designed to create awareness around animal adoption.

Kittens from a local shelter will ride around in luxury between 12pm and 4pm today, allowing you 15 minutes of heaven (or hell, if you’re allergic) delivered to your home or office.

Uberkittens isn’t just about us, though. “This is an important part of any kitten’s socialisation. They are still very open-minded and inquisitive about the world. It boosts their confidence and helps them to become comfortable around people,” says Kristina Vest, CEO of the Cat Protection Society.

But don’t go thinking it’s easy. Your suitability will be vetted through a series of questions that determine whether or not you are worthy play pals.

Five teams will be making their way around Sydney this afternoon, equipped with an average of two kittens each. The minders, representatives of the Cat Protection Society (highly skilled and qualified trainers), will keep an eye on the welfare of the kittens at all times.

“The welfare of the kittens is our absolute paramount concern. If at any point they become stressed or withdrawn they will be removed from that environment,” says Vest.

So, for a mere $40, a bundle of kittens all looking for their forever homes can be ordered in the same way you would normally book your Uber. Just request the Kitten option between the designated time period and, if there are kittens available, they will be on their way to you.

All proceeds from today’s excursions go to the Cat Protection Society in Sydney, so not only is it increasing workplace satisfaction, it’s also for a great cause.

“Our cats mean the world to us – they are everything and that’s why this initiative and its success is so important to us … to raise awareness for feline welfare and homelessness in a really positive light is paramount to us,” says Vest.

So while you’re petting your furry new friends today, Vest wants you to remember that, “De-sexing cats at a young age could stop the unrelenting need for adoption services and shelters and help give these guys a better chance in life.”

To order your kitten, it's like ordering a normal Uber, but today you'll see a "kitten" selection. Select this option between 12 and 4pm and 15 minutes of kitten cuddling will be delivered to your office, subject to availability.