After a three-year stint at Centennial Parklands, Tropfest will relocate to the expansive grounds of Parramatta Park. The new location is both centrally located – only five stops away from Central Station – and large enough to house the 90,000-plus attendees.

According to Ben Bartlett, the Managing Director of Tropfest, the decision came after this year's event.

“The team at Tropfest as well as our founder John Polson realised the need to review everything. We needed to put some plans and processes in place that would ensure our sustainability and long-term success," he says.

Their strategy was to find a destination partner. “We looked at places all around the country, Parramatta Park was a clear leader," he admits. "They have been very supportive of where Tropfest is heading in the future and they’re supportive of young creative talent and the Australian film making industry." It's also a push to engage with wider Sydney. “Parramatta is the demographic and geographic heart of Sydney."

The festival was first held in 1993 at Tropicana Cafe in Sydney’s Kings Cross, launching the careers of Nash and Joel Edgerton, Sam Worthington, Rebel Wilson and Rob Connolly, among others.

The event will also take place on a Saturday night as opposed to the historic Sunday night viewing.

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The news comes after the abrupt cancellation and quick resurrection of the 2016 festival due to internal financial issues in December 2015, which was saved by a sponsorship from CGU Insurance.

While there have been some major changes, the grassroots foundation of the festival still remains. The event is free and all admissions are welcome.

Tropfest will take place on Saturday 11th February 2017 with Tropfest Jnr. taking place on Friday. Admissions open in September and the festival’s theme for 2017 is ‘Pineapples’.