Sydney’s cyclists favour the peaceful streets of Glebe, Forrest Lodge, Annandale and Leichhardt for their bike tracks, and because there are plenty of cafes to replenish at. We’ve put together a bicycle-cafe crawl that’s 10 kilometres of snacking and dog spotting.

This ride kicks off at the corner of Parramatta Road and Glebe Point Road. Once you arrive, follow the steps below (or, if you prefer, do this in reverse).

1a. Glebe Point Road is a hotbed of breakfast options. Clipper Cafe has actual bikes dangling from the walls. Very reasonable prices and every kind of eggs.

1b. Wedge Espresso is just around the corner from Clipper. This narrow space is perfect for people and dog watching. Its poached-chicken sandwiches will boost your protein intake; vital energy for the journey ahead.

2. Ride down Glebe Point Road – be particularly wary of buses. Turn left at St John’s Road and zoom down to Ross Street. Turn right. You’ve been riding for about 10 minutes, but here’s your next point-of-brunch-interest. In The Annex is an intimate stop, where you can trade banter with the baristas. There’s also a menu update coming this summer.

3. Back on your bike, and onward to Annandale. Turn left on Bridge Road, heading through Forrest Lodge. Turn right at Booth Street. Just after the roundabout, you’ll find Lemonia Café. This beautiful cottage has seating on the front patio, ideal for soaking up the sun and rehydrating with one of Lemonia’s juices or shakes.

4. Ride back toward the roundabout and turn left down Wigram Road. You’ll immediately see a trail leading down to Johnstons Creek. Ride down there, and turn left at the creek. Enjoy a leafy ride all the way to Bicentennial Park.

5. When you see the water’s edge, you’ve made it. Bicentennial Park is a web of pathways to explore. The neighbouring Federal Park, when not used for sport, is a dog park. Obviously this requires your immediate attention. Petting encouraged, at the discretion of each dog’s owner.

6. Onward now, deeper into Annandale. Navigate the huge intersection marking the start of Johnston Street. Feel free to gawp at the beautiful terrace houses lining this wide road. Turn right at Rose Street to find Revolver. This cosy cafe is often bustling all day long. But, as you’ll discover, that’s for good reason.

7. Directly opposite Revolver, you’ll see Hutchinson Street. It will take you to a bike trail along Whites Creek. Just look for the white gate. Ride through dappled sunlight all the way to Moore Street. Turn right, past War Memorial Park, toward Pioneers Memorial Park. This was once known as Balmain Cemetery. Now it’s a tribute to the founding pioneers of Leichhardt. Catch your breath and enjoy the relative solitude.

8. On the other side of Pioneers Memorial Park, is local Leichhardt favourite, Taaza. Expect big portions and friendly service at this cafe. It will turn any menu item into a wrap, so you can take it back to the park for a quick picnic.

9. Continue down Allen Street toward Hawthorne Canal. You’ll reach a bicycle path when the road ends; follow to cross the Light Rail. Your last coffee stop is the self-proclaimed world’s-first dog-friendly cafe. Cafe Bones has a dedicated dog-treat menu.

10. To conclude your bicycle adventure, continue riding along Hawthorne Canal. After about 10 minutes, you’ll reach Leichhardt Park and be rewarded with spectacular water views. Here you’ll see hordes of locals sweating their way along the Bay Run. However, you’ve earned yourself a nice cool-down in the park.

We’ve made a map to explain our route.