Tommy Codling has been involved with FBi Radio for almost eight years and he currently hosts Thursday Arvos. Last year he released his debut seven-inch, The Day I Found Out They Stopped Making That Gucci Perfume, which was released via i-D and is available exclusively at The Record Store in Darlinghurst. Codling is also responsible for curating many live-music experiences around Sydney, including the Freda’s music program and Volumes Festival. Just recently he brought Gaika (UK/Warp) to the country for his debut Australian performances, collaborating with Club Sync in Adelaide, Vivid Sydney, Mellum Brisbane, Paradise Music in Melbourne and Dark Mofo in Hobart. Tommy is always looking for new music and new ways to contribute to the creative communities he cares about most. Here are the gigs he’s looking forward to and the tunes he’s got on repeat this month.

Royal Headache and Low Life
Both of these bands promise new material very soon. Both of these bands are local royalty. This is the first show either of them have played in a while. It will be very special. It always is.

June 30 at Factory Theatre.
Sold out but join the waitlist.

Post Motel
If anyone takes my advice and sees any of the shows I have recommended, please go to this one. Once you have been you will understand. People need to know who Post Motel is. To attempt to explain this performance within a paragraph will not work.

July 8 at Golden Age Cinema and Bar.
Information here.

Jikuroux, Corin, DJ Duchess, Tennis Boys, Scam, Hosted by Dev (Slim Set)
Brick City Studios is a really beautiful warehouse space in Marrickville, paired with an opportunity to hear some of the most progressive local music, the Cradle Bay EP launch will be a fitting celebration for one of the most exciting releases so far this year.

July 15 at Brick City Studios.
Information here.

Death Grips
They haven’t been in our country since 2013 and since then they have released some of their best work, become one of the most controversial bands in the world, and apparently quit, but for some reason are still touring and making music. If this tour actually happens you need to be there.

August 2 at Metro Theatre
Sold out but join the waitlist.

Tom’s Broadsheet Playlist:

Gaika – Glad We Found It
I have recently finished working on Gaika’s debut Australian performances that I curated as part of Vivid in Sydney and Dark Mofo in Hobart. I saw the same show every night for a week and I think I loved it more and more as the tour progressed. His debut album is due out really soon through WARP and it will change everything.

Brockhampton – Heat
An LA-based collective that met on the KanyeToThe forum and self-identify as “the internet's first boy band” have just release their debut studio album called Saturation after their All-American Trash mixtape from last year. Although this particular single is quite aggressive, the rest of the record explores all different kinds of sounds including some more accessible pop music, too.

Publique – Axe Of Love
The debut record from Publique is due out really soon on Burning Rose Records. The band have now spread across both Sydney and Melbourne because they’re lame and everyone creative feels like moving to Melbourne is easier than trying to make Sydney special. Both this band and the label that they release under are two of the most exciting things happening in Australian music right now.

Friendships – Spit::Flesh::Splinter Ft. Habits
Nullarbor 1988–1989 was one of my favourite records released last year. When it is performed live, it takes on an entirely new life. The visuals complement the audio in a far more considered way than most other bands trying to use projections. When you get a chance to see them live, please go, because they’re like nothing you have ever seen before. There is something that is so transcendent and international about their art, but at the same time it makes me feel proud of Australian creativity.

The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light – In My Head
I just want Mike Skinner to be relevant again. This project sounds like a collection of demos but I’m hoping for the best.

Spike Fuck – Tomorrow We Get Healthy
One of my favourite releases from late last year. More recently, SF put out a single called Greatest Hits (Suicide Party) that can only really be described as a country song. Somehow it completely makes sense and despite not often listening to the #country genre tag on Sound Cloud, I genuinely love all of SF’s music

Darcy Baylis – Be Patient Be Tender
Intimacy and Isolation is an incredible body of work that needs your attention. I encourage you to find some alone time with a pair of headphones and listen to this record in its entirety.

LA Suffocated – Hemlock
In my opinion the two most important labels in Australia right now are Burning Rose Records (who I mentioned above) and Paradise Daily Records. LA Suffocated don’t have a huge amount of content online, however, if you have been to a PDR showcase you know that their live show is noisy and incredible. I’m really looking forward to a full-length release.

Show Me The Body – Trash
Maybe, possibly, hopefully coming to Australia very soon. Educated guess.

Sevdaliza – Human
I wish that Sevdaliza was really famous. She probably doesn’t really care. I wish that more of the artists that are really famous created pop music like hers. Both her aesthetic and sounds are awkward and compelling simultaneously. I could listen to one track on repeat all day without losing interest. Her art is incredibly detailed and as a fan I really appreciate that.

Mixtape Bonus Track: Cassius Select – Herd
It’s mentioned almost every time someone refers to one of his projects ... Cassius Select also performs as Fake and he’s a member of BV. Lavurn is one of the most prolific and talented producers in Sydney and I have said it before, BV is my favourite band in the world.

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