Beyond Cinema is taking 1000 passengers on a cruise ship to re-enact James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic. Sydney Harbour will play host to the immersive cinema experience, which includes meals, drinks and a re-enactment of the tragic sinking.

The one-night-only, five-hour cruise will involve a mix of theatre and cinema with actors taking various roles on-board to make the experience as realistic as possible. First-class ticket holders will receive a three-course meal in the great dining hall, while second and third class can enjoy meals on their own decks.

Guests will need to dress up in 1912 fashion and will also be assigned roles throughout the night. Organiser Aden Levin tells Broadsheet he wants to put them in the shoes of Jack and Rose and recreate the early 1900s setting.

“I think people get bored of the standard cinema experience. This is something different and we can play with elements from the Titanic,” Levin says. “We’re trying to stay true to the experience and create the different atmospheres on different decks.”

The creative team is still working out how to recreate the iconic sinking scene, but resistance from OH&S Australia and insurance companies has made it a challenge.

“Once they step on the boat they’re going to have the feeling like they’re actually in the movie,” Levin says.

Beyond Cinema also ran Hot Tub Cinemas over winter and is planning to screen Shawshank Redemption from inside a jail.

The cruise is on January 28, 2018 from 5pm-10pm. Tickets are from $75-$189 and are on sale now.

Updated on September 25.