Staring at your phone for too long when you’re out with friends is generally considered a social faux pas. But this new experience actively encourages screen time.

By answering a series of riddles and clues that are sent to your phone, you’re guided through the streets of Surry Hills and some of its best-kept secrets. It’s sort of like an escape room, but instead of trying to stressfully navigate your way out, you’re trying to figure out which bars and restaurant you’ll be visiting. It involves food, booze and even tips on how to take better photos along the way.

The experience is called the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Taster, and it’s one of many thought up by Melbourne-based “experience creators” Amazingco. It’s a limited-time experience, only available on Saturdays in June, with just 25 spots up for grabs each week.

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“In many respects [our leisure time] is our most important time,” says Jeremy Cox, one of three mates who co-founded Amazingco back in 2016. “That’s why when we create an experience, we carefully craft it from scratch, bringing together a special blend of intrigue, spontaneity and surprise.”

Broadsheet went along to a sneak-peak of the Surry Hills taster, and are happy to report she’s a doozy. Not unfamiliar with the streets of Surry Hills, the element of surprise was welcomed, and not needing to book ahead was a nice change. Plus, waltzing in and out of establishments without ever having to touch your wallet is a novelty that will never wear off.

The experience is $150 for two, paid in advance. On the day, that covers share plates with paired drinks, a street-food snack, and cocktails for two that can be selected off special menus at each venue. It also includes a mystery local activity and directions to places you might never have known existed. If you’re wondering whether it’s value for money, we did the calculations: it is. Very much so.

There are even quizzes and conversation starters to ward off the worst of first-date nerves, with enough time allowed to take the experience at your own pace. (Read: none of the stress that’s an occupational hazard of visiting escape rooms.)

If you miss out on this one, Amazingco is already curating new experiences in nearby neighbourhoods, as well as focusing on providing more options in regional areas.

Since starting in Melbourne, Amazingco’s offering of customised experiences has quickly spread across the country, and the globe. From Sydney, you can take a mystery weekend to the Blue Mountains or have a surprise picnic date in the Hunter Valley, among plenty of others.

Amazingco’s Surry Hills Taster runs on Saturdays in June, at approximately 2.30pm–7.30pm.