Even with Donald Trump running the show, Australians still look up to America. It’s always been an honour to get the attention of 325 million people on the other side of the world.

Weren’t you proud when Ronny Chieng was named one of The Daily Show’s three correspondents? Or when Courtney – our Courtney -- sang Depreston on Ellen? Of course you were. Now raise a glass to two-man Surry Hills operation Yulli’s Brews, which just had its ad screened in full on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Mel Gibson and Aussie rising star Luke Bracey were on the show to promote their new movie, Hacksaw Ridge, when Yulli’s came up. Skip to the four minute mark to watch.

“Luke didn’t know they were going to show the ad,” says Karl Cooney, who co-owns Yulli’s Brews with brewer James Harvey. “They shocked him with it. He was in the dressing room afterwards taking photos of the screen and sending them to Harvs.”

The ad was made by More Chillis Productions, the team behind web series Streets of Sydney. “They’re stoked, we’re stoked,” Cooney says. “We all just think it’s hilarious.” Nothing major has come of it thus far, but Cooney says, “The phone’s been going pretty funny with people just getting in contact saying, ‘I saw what happened, how fantastic is that?’”

In related news, Yulli’s is gearing up for the launch of Betoota Bitter in December. It’s brewing the no-nonsense drop for The Betoota Advocate, Australia’s most trusted and prestigious newspaper.

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