Jacqueline Hunt is one half of the creative partnership behind premium knitwear label Jac+ Jack (with Lisa “Jack” Dempsey). The label’s style, for men and women, is luxe, laid-back and effortless. Much like summer days set aside for reading.

Broadsheet: What are your two all-time favourite books?
Jacqueline Hunt: The Secret History by Donna Tartt and American Pastoral by Philip Roth. They are very different, but both are extraordinarily well written. It's hard not to love the stories and be seduced by the author's style and ability.

BS: What's one you’re looking forward to reading?
JH: This was released in 2015, so not brand new, but, I want to read City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg. It is set in New York in the ’70s and I have heard very good reviews by two people I really trust with fiction recommendations.

BS: What are you are most looking forward to about summer? And what are you least looking forward to?
JH: Looking forward to the sound of ice being crushed in a blender. And least looking forward to keeping out of the sun (but must!).