Sugar Republic is an interactive insta-dream; a sensory, sugary exhibition of candy-covered furniture, lollipop-lined walls and mountains upon mountains of musk-stick pink that burst into Melbourne earlier this year. The pop-up is currently delighting sweet tooths in Brisbane, but come February 2019, the Willy Wonka-esque world will take over part of the sixth floor of Myer Sydney.

“I’ve long dreamed of opening a beautiful candy store, and I also love pop art and retro design,” says Allison Jones, the creative behind the show. “When I started thinking about launching an immersive pop-up, I knew that sugar and sweets was the perfect theme as it is very visual and everybody has positive memories of eating candy.”

Design is still under wraps, but Jones will work with local artists and designers to build the exhibition. This year’s show featured a fluffy installation by Sarah Borg of Bangin Hangins; neon wall art by Electric Confetti; and life-size incarnations of Australian ice-cream legends – Bubble O’ Bill, Golden Gaytime and Paddle Pop – by Make Me Iconic.

There’ll be more of the edible candy art and immersive rooms we saw last time, including the swimming pool sized pit of 100,000 pastel-pink balls (and yes, you can swim in it). There’ll also be a giant jack-in-the-box birthday cake you can jump out of, as well as 12 brand new rooms, all drawing on themes of childhood nostalgia and sugary treats.

There’ll be free sweet snacks throughout the exhibition – the Melbourne and Brisbane exhibition had complimentary soft-serve ice-cream in one room, and bags of blue and pink fairy floss lining the walls in another – and for those who can’t get enough, a cafe will sell Wizz Fizz spiders, candy milkshakes and “a new take on banana splits”. There’ll also be a lolly store selling retro sweets.

Sugar Republic will run from February 2019 to May 2019 at Myer Sydney. Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed, but the Melbourne exhibition entry cost $35 for adults and $25 for children 16 and under. Children two and under were free.