So Frenchy So Chic is something of a picnic réjouissance, a summery afternoon with friends, food, wine, flowers and flyaway hair. Set on St. Johns oval at Sydney University, attendees can bring their own hampers loaded with their preferred hors d'œuvres. Alcohol will not be allowed in but wine and champagne will be served on site.

Musical acts include Lou Doillon, whose oft-raspy, then suddenly bell-clear, voice plays instrument-like alongside wandering piano keys and reverbed guitar refrains. Hindi Zahra is a whimsical behavioral commentator par excellence. Soviet Suprem mixes French elegance with Romani finger picking, accordion and chant-chorusing. And Brigitte, the unforgettable French duo with rounded vowels, represents inimitable feminine French romance.

These artists all feature on the playlist. Our additions include a fun one you’ll recognise from Phoenix; a few catchy hits from Is Tropical; Camille, whose velvet vocals will have you Googling French lessons and a few sharper electronic tracks such as Van She’s remix of Gravity’s Rainbow by Klaxons. Happy listening.