The School of Life’s pop-up earlier this year proves that philosophy has a place in everyday life. It believes deeper thinking can help people lead more meaningful lives.

For those who missed out on a ticket, or left the pop-up craving more, there’s good news: The School of Life will open permanently in the CBD on July 25.

“There was a really natural progression to open the school permanently in Sydney,” says Eleanor Gammell, director of The School of Life Sydney. “We’re adding to a wonderful mix of different formats, such as the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and Vivid. People really love the environments we create and find themselves having meaningful conversations.”

Alain de Botton founded The School in London eight years ago as a space for emotional education, focusing on work and relationships.

“I think the importance of discussion and conversation is a key thing for us,” says Gammell. “Yes, we are looking at philosophy, art history and psychology, but we do it in a way that is casual and accessible.”

The School offers 23 “How To” classes and workshops covering love, work, life and death including How To Have Better Conversations, How To Make Up Your Mind, How To Realise Your Potential, and How To Face Death. The program also features trademark Philosophy Salons and Philosophy Brunches. The classes attract people aged between 18 and 60.

“People want to engage with an educational format in a more meaningful way than they’ve experienced in the past, thinking more deeply about things they haven’t had an opportunity to at home or in their careers.”

The classes are run by a group of experienced individuals who believe in the positive and practical benefits of engaging with art and culture. Tickets for the first term of classes will go on sale at 10am on July 4 and the full program is available here.

The School of Life will be located at Legion House, 161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.