Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski and Screech may have graduated from Bayside High way back in the early ’90s, but thanks to a new Saved by the Bell-themed pop-up bar, you can live out your neon-tinged American high-school fantasies in 2020.

The flashy bar will be pouring Bayside Breeze cocktails and playing ’90s tunes on the jukebox. Mr Belding won’t even be there to put you in detention when you overindulge in the all-you-can-drink option.

Win prizes by choreographing the best group dance (channel your inner AC Slater), donning your finest ’90s threads (bike shorts and resin bangles à la Lisa Turtle), or excelling at Saved by the Bell trivia. Each bar session will run for two hours.

In the vein of similar events such as this Disney-themed brunch and this Game of Thrones-style banquet, the date and location won’t be announced until closer to the event. Scrunchies and Hypercolour T-shirts at the ready.

Tickets are $30 for each two-hour sitting, or $55 for the bottomless beverage option (including beer and wine). Food and cocktails will also be available for purchase.

The website for this event is currently offline. Broadsheet has reached out for comment, but has not heard back from the organisers about whether the event will proceed. This article was updated on May 21 to include this update.