Burning Love is the theme of this season's Carriageworks Night Market, which for the first time has been curated by Porteño’s Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate.

The much-loved, prolific chefs (Bodega, Bodega 1904, Continental Deli, Wyno have pulled together 55 of the city’s leading food and drink producers to create menus inspired by that hip-shaking Elvis ditty, Burning Love.

The song’s talk of flames, temperatures rising and a hunk, a hunk of burning love, has us expecting a night filled with smoke, spice, blazes and a soundtrack to match it.

“It’s about showcasing food that comes from careful preparation, honest cooking from the heart,” says Milgate. “We wanted to know, ‘What is it that makes you do what you do – your 'burning love' for food and drink. For us, it's that literal – we love cooking with fire, that's our burning love.” Here’s what they’ll be seeking out on the night.

Marta's owner-operator Flavio Carnevale has a burning love for cucina Romana – the “food of Rome”. The Rushcutters Bay restaurant will be offering polpette (meat balls) and polenta; pizza bianca Romana; and gnocchi fritti matched with wines from the Lazio region of Rome. Carnevale met the producers and tasted every one of the wines selected on a trip through the region in April.

Morgan McGlone of Belles Hot Chicken will be serving the fried-chicken restaurant’s hot mushrooms, waffles, maple butter and Westmont Pickles.

The guys behind Fratelli Paradiso and 10 William St have created a special dish for the night. “Mario’s hot-sausage sandwich” has pork mince, pickled peppers, scarmorze (cheese), herbs and Calabrian chilli sauce on a house-made potato bun.

Paper Bird’s fiery menu features Korean fried wings with “fire chicken” sauce.

Rising Sun Workshop is preparing oysters over charcoal that will be served with a choice of sauces: koji butter and smoked rice vinegar; kimchi water; or bacon XO.

Inspired by the theme, Regal Rogue has created aperitifs for the market. Try the Smoke Spritz with smoky notes of charred stone fruit syrup with Regal Rogue Wild Rosé vermouth, mezcal and lemon juice.

Young Henrys Motorcycle Oil (a hoppy porter) is one of our favourite fuels. The Newtown brewery will be serving it and the rest of its locally brewed range of ales, lagers, porters and ciders.

The team from one of our regular haunts, Earl’s Juke Joint, will be serving smoky, fiery, spicy and, most importantly, lovingly created cocktails on the night.

We recently hosted a dinner to showcase Jared Dixon’s small-batch winemaking company Jilly Wines from Clunes in northern NSW and look forward to sampling his latest vintage.

To balance the abundance we’re looking forward to the Wild Kombucha by Ballsy Brewing. The Wild Night Spice it’s creating for the Night Market is a spicy chai Wild Kombucha with notes of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and chilli.

A red-hot line-up of bands will amplify the theme. The Van Demons, a local garage four-piece inspired by the sounds of The Chantays, Surfaris and Link Wray, will bring the sounds of the 1960s instrumental surf era to life.

The new project involving Jeremy Davidson (of The Snowdroppers) – called JD and the Hunger Men – will play country, blues, Americana, gypsy and rock with band member Ben Hay DJing throughout the evening.

The Night Market will feature free demonstrations from leading chefs using fire, smoke and coal. We are really looking forward to learning some traditional Aboriginal fire-making and cooking techniques from Dwayne Bannon-Harrison of Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness from Yuin country on the far south coast of NSW.

Bannon-Harrison says: “In traditional ways for south-eastern Koori people, the fire element is sacred and very rich on all levels. Aboriginal people have been makers and caretakers of fire for thousands of years.”

For the Burning Love Night Market, Ngaran Ngaran Dancers will call on and dance up the fire spirit Shulumun Bapa to be present to make dhumbuk (smoke) and then waddah (fire) using the old way of mingu (grass stalk) sticks to create the fire.

“Mirritya Mundya Indigenous Twist Catering will then create and work with the marvel of fire and smoke flavour through the menu using the south-eastern grey buru (kangaroo) and the gadu mundya (saltwater blackfish) in a cheeky way [to make] curry dishes from other parts of the world,” says Bannon-Harrison.

This is what we call an “Indigenous twist” – taking people on a food journey through song, dance, tradition and language of the old people all by honouring the ancient fire spirit and making some good food, too.”

Be sure to engage with Oz Harvest. Bread is the number one wasted food in Australia, and it's estimated Australians chuck out more than 10 million slices of bread every day. So Oz Harvest will be demonstrating ways to extend the life of bread with toasties, and tips for preserving bread for longer.

The full line-up:

A Tavola
Belles Hot Chicken
Billy Kwong
Bodega 1904
Bretzelwagon by Pepe Saya & Olsson's Sea Salt
Buffalo Dining Club
Chat Thai
Continental Deli Bar Bistro
Fratelli Paradiso and 10 William St
Kepos Street Kitchen
Le Coq Healthy Rotisserie
Mirritya Mundya
No.1 Bent Street
Ormeggio at The Spit
Paper Bird
Rising Sun Workshop
Rocker Bondi
Romeo’s Fine Foods
Russolini by Stephen Hodges
Spice Temple
Three Blue Ducks
Via Napoli Pizzeria

Gelato Messina
The Pines Kiama

Archie Rose Distilling Co.
Batch Brewing Company
Black Market Sake
Demoiselle Distillery
Earl's Juke Joint
Giorgio De Maria Fun Wines
Jacoby’s Tiki Bar
Jed Wines
Jilly Wines
P&V Wine and Liquor Merchants
Poor Toms Gin
Regal Rogue Vermouth
The Grifter Brewing Co.
Wild Kombucha by Ballsy
Wildflower Brewing & Blending
WyNo Bar and Shop
Young Henrys
Yulli’s Brews

Chef and producer demonstrations
Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz
Dwayne Bannon-Harrison from Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness
Stephen Hodges and John Susman

Community stalls
Two Good Co.
CWA Sydney City
National Indigenous Culinary Institute

The Carriageworks Night Market will be held on Friday July 27, from 5pm to 10pm.