The Sydney season of the Pop-Up Globe has had two weeks added to its run; it will now be on until November 4 thanks to demand. More than 22,000 tickets have already sold.

The pop-up theatre – which is making its way around the world – is the first full-scale reproduction of the second Globe Theatre in London, where some of Shakespeare’s most famous works were originally performed.

The onion-domed theatre will be set up in the Show Ring at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter and the three-storey, 16-sided venue will hold 900 people. Its build was based on research by associate professor Tim Fitzpatrick and Russell Emerson from the University of Sydney; and it’s the most accurate reproduction of the theatre ever built.

Creator and artistic director Dr Miles Gregory told Broadsheet he came up with the idea after reading a book his daughter had with a paper pop-up of the theatre. He says it’s decorated in Jacobean style, with a three-storey facade, heaven above the stage and hell below.

“It’s like a party, we do Shakespeare properly, but we have a lot of fun. There’s swordfights, fake blood and singing and dancing casts,” he says.

Four plays are being performed for the pop-up’s run. Visit to experience A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors as Shakespeare intended.

The Pop-Up Globe season runs from August 30 to November 4 at The Entertainment Quarter.