It’s been a total pleasure editing Broadsheet Sydney for the past two years.

While the highpoint of 2017 was definitely the moment marriage equality became a reality, below is a selection of some of my favourite pieces we’ve published this year. There are so many stories I’ve loved – this of course is just a very small sample.

And that’s me signing off – make sure you keep in touch. You’re in very safe hands with the new editor Sarah Norris.

Sleepless in Sydney: Shooting Stars
Broadsheet Sydney published its first fiction series this year, for no reason other than we wanted to read more new, short fiction and figured other people might too. This piece was my favourite in the series – an unconventional love story with a whiff of Wes Anderson about it. Read the rest of the series next time you’re at the beach.

Opinion: Eau de Vie’s Owner Begs You to Stop Stealing His Shit
A passionate plea from one of Sydney’s most successful bar owners about an issue that hopefully most people don’t realise is this bad. Stop stealing shit!

Restaurant of Australia: Saint Peter
A new column that started this year, written by Perth editor Max Veenhuyzen, grapples with the question, ‘”What is Australian cuisine?” He examines the restaurants shaping the culinary landscape and presenting the most forward-thinking, original ideas about food in this country. The Sydney edition covered one of my favourite restaurants, Saint Peter. Chef Josh Niland has taught everyone who’s dined there so much about seafood and its potential.

Local Knowledge: Lakemba’s Ramadan Markets
Editing Local Knowledge has taught me so much about regional cuisines from all over the world and how truly diverse Sydney is. If you’re trying to solve a ‘where to eat’ dilemma, this page will always provide the answer. Writer Nick Jordan did a great job at capturing the electric energy at the Ramadan markets at Lakemba.

Converting an Icon: A Walk Through the Griffiths Tea Building
Chin Chin was the most talked-about opening this year. It was exciting that the much-loved Melbourne restaurant was coming, but more thrilling to me was seeing my favourite building in Sydney come to life. It has an incredible history that Imogen Eveson did so well to illustrate.

A First Walk-Through of Pipilotti Rist’s Sublime Exhibition at the MCA
A surprise run-in with the artist herself meant our arts writer Jane Albert was given a very intimate first look at this summer’s blockbuster exhibition. She captured it beautifully.

A New Book Taking Notice of Over-looked, Enigmatic Sydney
The topic is fascinating but I loved this one mostly for the writing. *Broadsheet’s chief sub-editor Miriam Kauppi writes in such a clear, elegant, engaging way. I asked for the book for Christmas, I encourage you to do the same.

Top Picks: Where Bread and Butter Steal the Show in Sydney
"Bread is the first thing that hits the table and the perfect slice of warm sourdough speaks volumes about what’s to come.” Always judge a restaurant by its bread – this is a close look at who’s making the best loaves in Sydney.

Vale Newtown Social Club
It’s true Broadsheet focusses on the new but when a venue close to so many people closed, we had to honour it. Jared Richards did an excellent job of farewelling Newtown Social Club.