The Balnaves Foundation has finalised a new partnership with the Sydney Opera House. The plan? Allowing disadvantaged people to have access to cultural events happening at the world-famous cultural venue. Called The Balnaves Foundation Open House Program, the partnership hopes to get 12,000 people to attend selected premium performances over three years – for just $5 for a ticket.

2007 was the first time The Balnaves Foundation – a philanthropic organisation – worked with the Opera House in this way. “The Opera House belongs to everyone. We're absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with The Balnaves Foundation to help ensure that the Opera House is open to as many people as possible regardless of their circumstances,” says Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron AM. Founder of the organisation, Neil Balnaves AO, emphasises the cultural aspect of the partnership. “The Opera House is not just another concert hall. It’s a people’s Opera House. The key thing is sharing it with the people,” he says.

This new partnership will begin in December, with two special concerts as part of the the Christmas at the House event.

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