Corey Webster is something of a musical powerhouse. You might know him for spinning all-Indigenous artists as the host of weekly radio program Blak Out, or for his music as Nooky. He’s also behind that banger track Our People, which samples the Presets’ My People, as part of the hip-hop collective 3% with friends Dallas Woods and Angus Field.

In 2022, Nooky founded We Are Warriors (WAW), a platform that features First Nations people at the top of their game. It includes musician Barkaa, drag queen Felicia Foxx, and contemporary dancer Luke Currie-Richardson. The social enterprise was launched on January 26 to mark the ongoing impacts of colonisation connected to that date.

Last year, We Are Warriors teamed up with Powerhouse Museum to create a safe and celebratory space of music, dance, art and storytelling called Blak Powerhouse, which runs on January 26 at Powerhouse Ultimo. The all-ages event returns for 2024 with Becca Hatch, JK-47, 3%, RONA and more on the line-up. It’s free to attend, but you should register for a ticket ahead of the 5pm kick-off time.

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We chatted to the Sydney-based Yuin musician about Blak Powerhouse, Nowra, and where he goes for coffee, a quick feed and to unwind in Sydney.

Hey Nooky, what’s a moment from Blak Powerhouse 2023 that sticks in your mind?
That sense of joy and pride. I always dread this day coming up, the lead-up to it, it’s always dreadful. But after running Blak Powerhouse it has really changed the emotions I’ve connected to [January 26]. To be able to create that environment – bringing Blak fellas and non-Blak fellas together to celebrate the survival and greatness of my people – is a good feeling.

A moment that stands out for me is from the end of the event. I said, “My house is your house, feel free to take the posters on the wall”. And mob started taking posters and signage; it was special. People didn’t want to leave.

You’re proudly from Nowra. Where should we go if we’re visiting?
I’ve got Nowra tattooed on my neck, so I take it everywhere with me. I’ve never truly left it. If you’re going to Nowra, you’ve got to go to the fish’n’chip shop in east Nowra or South Nowra Maccas. They’re my iconic spots.

Do you have a favourite place to eat in Sydney?
There are a couple. I can’t go past Clem’s in Newtown – that’s a cornerstone of Sydney. I get the chips and fried chicken. The good old Lord Gladstone gets an honourable mention. And I’m pretty sad about it because it’s shut down, but O’le Burgers on Enmore Road. I’d go there every lunch. O’le Burgers, rest in peace.

What’s the supreme hot chip in your eyes?
For me it’s about the occasion. If you’re down by the beach you don’t want the little French fries, you want something thicker and a little bit on the soggy side, but not too soggy. You want a good mix of crispy and soggy. The thicker they are the better for the sandwich. Fries go good with the Portuguese-style chicken. Waffle fries, I’ll give those a miss.

What’s your ideal day in Sydney?
Sitting at home playing the Playstation. I’m waiting on the new Tekken 8 to come out. But if I’m not home, I like to get coffee, go to the studio, make some music, drink more coffee, go home and watch a movie. Boom. That’s it, Sydney done.

What was the last movie you watched?
I watched Killers of the Flower Moon. That was hectic. Lily Gladstone smashed it.

Where do you like to get coffee?
If I’m in Enmore, Shenkin Kitchen goes pretty hard. If I’m in Petersham, I go to The Counter.

Who makes Sydney a better place?
My daughters, who are five and six now. They make things fun.

What do you love most about Sydney?
Apart from my family, it’s the coffee. You can’t get coffee like this in Nowra. But also, the Monorail! If they want to bring back the Monorail … When I was a kid, if we came to Sydney that’s what we’d do. We’d go to Darling Harbour for a look and walk around the Monorail. Also, Paddy’s Markets and the Anzac Bridge. They’re Sydney essentials.

What tracks should we listen to before Blak Powerhouse?
Check out any of RONA’s back catalogue. Her music is fire and her visuals are next-level. JK-47 just dropped their album [Revision for Regrowth]. In my opinion, it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. There’s a song called Rain that I’m really into. And the 3% boys, we just dropped our first single Our People a few months ago. Go check that out.


Blak Powerhouse runs from 5–10pm on January 26 at Powerhouse Ultimo.

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