Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Becca Hatch and I’m a recording artist and performer raised in Campbelltown, southwest Sydney. As a child I sang gospel music in church, and later progressed to R’n’B in high school. I’m currently exploring where house, R’n’B and electronica collide, and I recently completed my Bachelor of Sound Design at University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

What’s your favourite restaurant?
The Apollo in Potts Point. I fell in love with Greek food here. Order the saganaki and the lamb shoulder.

It’s your birthday – how would you spend it?
We might start with pre-drinks at Double Deuce Lounge. The interiors are fun, and the people are down-to-earth. I feel comfortable in places where people don’t take themselves too seriously. We grab dinner at Korean barbeque, which is always fun with a group of friends – 678 in the city or Butcher’s Buffet in Strathfield are my go-tos. If there’s room for it, we’ll stop by Mapo in Newtown for gelato. We’ll probably end up at The Imperial in Erskineville. It’s my favourite spot to end a night when you’re looking for good vibes and good people.

Where do you eat brunch or breakfast?
One Another in Newtown is my favourite spot. The choc-chip cookies are a must-try. The menu is really wholesome. I find myself here most mornings for coffee. Sit outside and you’ll get a feel for the locals, there’s a great creative vibe in the community.

What are your favourite shops?
Currently, my fave store is So Familia Store in Newtown. If you like the Y2K aesthetic, you’ll love this place. Such a great, cute small business and you’ll find a stunning piece. As a recent graduate and post-Covid artist, I’ve had to be creative in managing my finances while not missing out on being young and enjoying life. Thrifting has definitely been the go for me. I’m also conscious of the impact the garment industry has on the environment, so finding pre-loved pieces is a good way for me to minimise waste.

When you want to impress someone, where do you take them?
I invite them to one of my shows. I’m preparing for one at the beautiful Phoenix Central Park as a part of Vivid. It’s my first headline gig and my most intimate and creative show to date. Alternatively, Mermaids Pool in Tahmoor – because there’s nothing more impressive than Mother Nature.

What’s one of the city’s most underrated places?
Kebabs on Queen in Campbelltown – it has the best HSP (halal snack pack) in the city. Also, shout-out to 2560. Ladda's The Thai on King Street is another. It’s nothing fancy from the outside, but the food is like it’s been cooked by your favourite Thai aunty.

Who makes Sydney a better place?
A big shout-out to all the mob on radio who are always filling the city with good music. [Triple J’s] Tyrone Pynor, Latifa Tee and Nooky.

Do you think there’s an essential Sydney book?
Not just for Sydney, but Welcome to Country by Marcia Langton is a guide to First Nations events and culture, which is super insightful no matter where you live.

Becca Hatch is one of 12 winners of Smirnoff Ads for Artists, a campaign led by the Jungle Giants to support homegrown musicians who’ve been doing it tough over the past two years.

See Becca Hatch play live when she supports Camp Cope on tour in May, at Rising in Melbourne or as part of Vivid Sydney’s events.


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