Technology moves at breakneck speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is going from science-fiction fantasy to real-life reality – and it has the potential to change everything. From companion robots and self-driving cars to sophisticated modelling programs that can predict everything from climate change to osteoporosis, the possibilities are endless.

But, we might hear you ask, what is AI? And why does it matter to me?
Whether you’re an AI expert or your knowledge doesn’t extend much past The Terminator and Wall-E, these Vivid Sydney Ideas events will open your mind to the fascinating possibilities that await us in the not-too-distant future.

Mummy, Can I Marry My Avatar? The Ethical and Societal Implications of Living With Digital Artificial Humans

We are standing on the cusp of a world where humans will rely on digital companions to support their everyday activities. But what will our lives be like when we co-exist with these intelligent machines?
Take a look at the long-term ethical and social issues related to digital humans, and explore the dilemma of just how far we let the replicants in. The panel will feature experts and researchers from the University of Sydney’s business school and Sydney Business Insights. You’ll hear from the other side too, with a live interactive, photo-realistic computer-generated digital person on stage.

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At the Museum of Contemporary Art on June 16; free (registration required).

Game Changer: Jane McGonigal and Kriti Sharma – Future Thinking
Game developer and futurist Jane McGonigal comes together with one of the leading global voices on AI, Kriti Sharma, to look at the kind of society we are creating with technology. The good news is AI is within our control. We can teach AI the right values, the right ethics. We just need to act sooner rather than later. By the end of this session, you will have the practical tools you need to imagine how your life – and the world – could be very different, and use your newfound imagination to create change today.

At the City Recital Hall on June 3; from $25.

NewCo – Business of the Future

Whatever industry you work in, you’ll need to innovate and stay relevant – and that means understanding how new technology such as AI will impact your business. NewCo is a Silicon Valley-born festival that opens the office doors to the most innovative and purpose-driven businesses where business leaders demonstrate what they are doing to evolve, adapt, make an impact and generate positive change. Inspiring leaders will dissect the future of work, and share the business practices and life hacks that can help keep you ahead of the game.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art on May 31; from $48.56.

Vivid Sydney runs May 25 to June 16 across the city. Visit for more information.