Model, performer, influencer and body-positivity advocate Milo Hartill is a person of many talents. And this April, they’ll be making their solo debut: dancing, singing and yelling across the stage with Black, Fat & F**gy at the Old Fitz Theatre.

Theatre-goers can expect a killer combo of cabaret, controversial discussion (on both the influencer and theatre scenes Down Under), belted-out renditions of Horny by Mousse T and Solange’s Don’t Touch My Hair, and personal anecdotes taking you from dating escapades to simply existing as a queer, black person.

“I am somebody that embodies a lot of oppressed groups and minorities,” Hartill tells Broadsheet. “The fact that I am black, fat and gay is kind of a transactional thing for me in my work, and although this would have been a major setback 10 years ago, nowadays it’s something that I can use to my advantage.”

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Black, Fat & F**gy is Hartill’s creation – starring none other than themself – and the title speaks to both their identity and the core themes of the show. And, while Hartill hopes to represent those who identify with them, they also want to shake things up.

“I feel like the comedy scene is the straight-white-men’s club,” Hartill says. “I hope that we get some straight white men who can join, have a laugh and get a bit more of an understanding about what it’s like to live as a person in this body.”

Although serious topics will be brought up, the aim of Black, Fat & F**gy is to have a laugh. “It’s just gonna be a bit of a grotty, silly, fun time.”

What else? With a blow-up photo (and feature set piece) of Hartill’s boobs, there’ll be an incredible photo op.

Black, Fat & F**gy takes over the Old Fitz Theatre stage from April 3 to April 13. Bookings essential.