Polographia is Daniel John Stapleton and Moktar Sharouny: two high-school friends from Sydney making electronic music with a nostalgic edge. Last year the duo released the Natural EP; with the sort of lush, organic sounds you’d find on a Bonobo album. That warmth and texture remains on the new Friends EP – featuring collaborations with Winston Surfshirt and Looks Fade – but the tunes are catchier. Friends is a shout out to all of Stapleton and Sharouny’s mates – and sounds like the stuff good weekends are made of.

Broadsheet: How did you two start making music together?
Moktar Sharouny: We both went to the same high school and caught the same bus. Both of us had been learning instruments for a while (drums, piano and guitar). We started hanging at the skate park heaps in Menai playing SKATE and eating Maccas. Dan had started making music on his computer and invited me over. After making some random stuff for fun we started making some cool stuff and the Sunsets EP came from that.

BS: What different musical influences do you each bring to the equation?
MS: Both coming from rock/grunge/noise backgrounds, Dan loves his corny ‘80s synth funk and I’m a hip-hop connoisseur, we both like a lot of different genres but a lot of the same stuff as well, so it all works like a warm winter stew.

BS: You said previously that you’re taking a step around the current state of electronic music – how so?
MS: We hear a lot of amazing electronic music out there for sure, especially from Down Under! Whether it’s a beautifully written pop song or insanely crisp and experimental production we’re always so inspired by those who push the boundaries. We don’t consciously choose to take a different approach to everyone, but we want our music to sound warm and real and come together naturally.

BS: Can you describe what make Polographia nostalgic?
MS: Suppose it’s the mish-mash of influences we bring to everything we do. We kinda use music to take us somewhere else for the moment; it’s almost a visual experience.

BS: Apart from music, what inspires you?
MS: Dan is a graphic designer so he is really inspired by design and art, and I’m also big on art but in all forms of creativity. A lot of out friends have really inspired us, which helped so much with our EP.

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BS: Fantasy support slot – any artist, any era, anywhere?
MS: For Daniel, either a 2018 world tour supporting Chrome Sparks or supporting Jungle in London 2015. For me – and this is completely new – but supporting Justin Bieber on his world tour would be ridiculous.

Tour dates:

Fri November 25, The Workers Club

Sat November 26, Newtown Social Club

Friday December 2, El Grotto

Friday December 9, Rocket Bar