It’s sounds like the stuff of an indie movie. When Bec Sandridge was 19 and backpacking through Europe, she visited Glasgow, fell for its charms and met and made friends with a fellow busker named Michael Rosenberg, aka Passenger. Six years, a lot of busking, and four EPs later, the Melbourne-based artist is about to embark on her first national headline tour.

EP In the Fog, a collection of glossy tracks with an ’80s lilt, suggests it’s not just the artist’s back story that sounds like an indie classic.

Broadsheet: On the surface at least, Glasgow seems a world away from the coastal cities of New South Wales. What can you tell us about the time you’ve spent there, and why it works for you?
Bec Sandridge: There’s something so charming about the miserable weather in Glasgow. People get shit done even though it's cyclonic winds and/or torrential rain. It's great. And inspiring. My work ethic has definitely changed since living there.

It's not so dissimilar to small coastal towns here in New South Wales though. Everyone says hello at bus stops, asks their neighbours if they'd like to come in for a spot of tea and/or bumps into pals at Woolworths/Tesco.

BS: Tell us about your experience of busking … what has that lent to your songwriting and performance now?
BS: In Scotland, it's freezing. Here in Australia it's too hot to busk – but I love it! You get to meet so many interesting people and I think it’s really important for any performer to learn to command an audience. I think that's what busking has helped me do, somewhat. In terms of writing, it has helped me test-run new songs and sounds. With busking it's all a bit trial and error, really.

BS: Songwriting/guitar heroes?
BS: Leslie Feist would be my numero uno for both songwriting and guitar heroes. I'd throw Stevie Nicks and Cyndi Lauper in there also for writing and George Benson and Clapton for guitar chops.

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BS: Apart from music, what inspires your creativity?
BS:I like being a complete sponge before writing. So I like poetry such as [Leonard] Cohen and [Charles] Bukowski and cooked documentaries that look at sub-cultures and the human psyche.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any artist, any era, anywhere?
BS: Right now, I'd love to support Tegan and Sara, Haim and also Arcade Fire. Fleetwood Mac is the ultimate dream though.

BS: What has 2017 got in store for you?
BS: Touring a bunch throughout February/March and playing festivals, and then jumping in the studio for an album. I can't wait.

Tour dates

Friday March 3 – Jimmy’s Den

Friday March 10 – The Foundry

Adelaide Friday March 17 – Adelaide

Thursday March 23 – Newtown Social Club

Saturday April 1 – Northcote Social Club