By their own admission, Melbourne electronic duo Maia and Mohini (they go by their first names only) – aka HABITS – have been making “sad goth party jams” since forming in 2013; making waves in the Australian underground and gaining a solid reputation for their captivating live shows. The pair has supported Black Vanilla, Banoffee and The Harpoons and last year released debut EP, Ugly Cry. It’s a sound that’s dark, danceable and unconventional.

Broadsheet: How do you two write music together?
Maia: One of us will solitarily make a little sketch of a beat and bring it to the other, then we take turns beefing it up. When the beat begins to sound hot, we’ll go through our phone notes and harvest lyrics from the ramblings.

BS: Songwriting heroes?
Mohini: Björk, Gaika, serpentwithfeet, HTMLflowers.

BS: What do you do outside of music that inspires your creativity?
Maia: Get shat on by the white cis-heteropatriarchy on a daily basis, crying, watching Charmed, watching Blade (1998), remind ourselves that Beyoncé exists in the world, get thirsty on Instagram. Our friends and peers are also an essential source of inspiration for us.

BS: You’re renowned for your live shows. Is this where you're in your element?
Mohini: The live shows are like a pay-off for our constant hard work and definitely our fave bit. You can’t really complete a track until you’ve heard it on stage and got a sense of its energy. Our friends and uh oh, here we go fans give us so much love and power and it’s kind of addictive. We get a bit depressed when we don’t play for a few weeks tbh, like, fuck give me a DJ set in between at least.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any artist, any era, anywhere?
Maia: The Knife, Icy Spicy Leoncie.

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BS: What have you got planned this this year?
Mohini: Record some new stuff, charge promoters more for our gigs, more crying.