Good Morning’s music sounds a bit like early Deerhunter. Band members Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons recorded the new EP, Glory, over five days in Lorne. The music has the easiness you feel looking out at the ocean. With drowned-out vocals and distortion bound up with catchy melodies, it ambles along: one part warm, two parts melancholy.

With the “live bonus” of John Considine and James Macleod, the band is fresh from a tour supporting Homeshake (the side project of Mac DeMarco’s guitarist, Peter Sagar) around the country, and will play its own EP launch show at the Brighton Up Bar next week.

Broadsheet: Any favourite haunts in Melbourne you can tell us about?
Stefan Blair: In Eltham Bar Piccolo was definitely the pick of the bunch because they would serve all us underage kids, plus a $5 vodka raspberry is pretty tasty after a hard day of high school. In Richmond Pho Chu The is a great place to relax and eat some delicious soup while having a beer with a friend.

BS: How did start making music together, and what interests do you share?
SB: We started making music together in high school. We played in a few bands, some terrible cover bands, as well as some terrible stuff that wasn’t covers. The first time I can remember playing any music with Liam was in a friend’s band doing a cover of Under the Milky Way.

BS: When’s the best time to listen to your new EP, Glory?
SB: If you like it maybe try around lunchtime. With a bowl of soup and some fresh juice.

BS: What does a recording session look like for you?
SB: We’ve never recorded in a proper studio, we're usually in a living room in a house somewhere. We’ve had a studio space for the past few months that we set up, but it was sort of a waste of time and money, because we didn’t really do anything. It’s important to feel comfortable.

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BS: Apart from music, what inspires you?
SB: Soup, memes and people being friendly.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any act, any era, anywhere?
SB: I’lls presents ‘Best in the West, a retrospect’ tour, 2039, Rod Laver Arena.

Listen to the whole Glory EP here.
Good Morning plays Brighton Up Bar on Friday 18 March.