What does an Australian summer sound like? The ebb of the ocean or the whine of a mozzie? Or maybe it’s infectious, sunny, jangly rock songs, tinged with nostalgia for holidays past. It’s the sound that new Melbourne band DIET. makes, and today we’re premiering its new single, The Rip.

Formed by five schoolmates over conversations in a North London lounge room and rehearsals in East Melbourne studios, DIET. combines members of other Melbourne bands Elephant Ego, Seven Year Itch and Flamingo Jones (live), and has licks of Real Estate, Beach Fossils and – in the vocals – Morrissey. Its first EP is slated for release in April, mastered by Snowy from The Ocean Party.

We chatted to lead singer Ben O'Loughlin and songwriter/bassist Carl Tinsey.

Broadsheet: Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
Ben O'Loughlin: We are all based in Melbourne. Four out of the five have grown up here, but Carl has lived everywhere.

BS: What’s good about making music in Melbourne right now?
BO: Melbourne’s got awesome rehearsal spaces like Laneway and Bakehouse, which make it super easy to practice and get ready for gigs. There are so many venues in Melbourne and you’re bound to find a few that really match the vibe and sound you’re going for. We also don’t have fucked lockout laws and noise restrictions that other places around Australia have.

BS: There’s a nostalgic vibe in your music. What are you nostalgic for?
Carl Tinsey: There’s plenty of beach references throughout the forthcoming EP, so I guess the music’s partly nostalgic about that. I write a lot about struggles I’ve either had or witnessed, for example our first single, Your House, was all about our best mate’s ex and how she killed the vibe. Sorry Maddie, but it’s true.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any act, any era, anywhere?
CT: Playing right before Shannon Noll’s headline set at Groovin The Moo 2016. We’d even settle for being his live band. If not, something like supporting Australian Crawl back in the day. We cover Errol so we have a huge soft spot for them.

BS: What can we expect from your live shows?
BO: There’s the possibility of one of our mates getting naked for vibe. Aside from that, we like to play the tracks heavier than how they’re recorded, so the live songs have plenty of energy. We also like to play old cartoons like Rocket Power and Cat Dog on the projector. There’s something for the whole family to enjoy.