Disney’s The Lion King is an event for several reasons. For one, it promises to take audiences to the plains of Africa with a level of photorealistic animation never before seen on the big screen. Secondly, it features Beyoncé.

For diehard fans of the original and anyone interested in cinematic innovation, this is a big event (The Lion King’s release date is July 17 by the way). So to help celebrate this groundbreaking film and support Protect the Pride, a charity working to boost the number of lions in the wild, Broadsheet is collaborating with Disney for a one-off behind-the-scenes art event hosted at the Paramount Recreation Club.

The gallery will be open to the public from July 12 to 14, giving Sydneysiders a chance to a behind the scenes look of the film ahead of its release.

Filmed using an entirely new virtual-reality studio that allowed director Jon Faverau to create new heights of photorealism by combining live-action filmmaking with CGI animation, The Lion King promises a visual experience unlike anything audiences have seen before. The exhibit offers visitors a unique first-hand look at the cutting-edge technology behind the film, as well as special shoot imagery of the cast.

It’s also a chance to help raise awareness of the crisis facing lions and their habitats. Since the release of the original The Lion King 25 years ago, the number of lions in the wild has halved. Now Disney has launched a global Protect the Pride campaign to support the Lion Recovery Fund in the hope of doubling the number of lions in the wild by 2050.

More information on Protect the Pride here.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Disney.