If you’re up early enough or still partying from the night before, you’ll recognise the resonant, somewhat self-deprecating tones of Triple J weekend presenter, Kyran Wheatley. He is about to step out from behind the microphone to join a host of Sydney comedians and film nerds for Spoiler Alert, a kind of Spicks and Specks but about film instead of music.

The live show – which will play monthly at Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern – was thought up by Wheatley and his partner, and fellow comedian, Rhys Nicholson (of the stand-up series, Just for Laughs). The two share a near-unhealthy obsession with film.

Last year they trialled the idea of a panel-led movie quiz and game show before a live audience and enjoyed it so much they decided to do it again on an ongoing basis, this time funded by the City of Sydney.

Wheatley is hosting the show. Its two panels will be made up of Triple J presenter and ABC movie reviewer Zan Rowe; Happy Feet 2 co-writer and co-director, Gary Eck; playwright and comedian Zoe Coombs Marr; Sydney stand-up comic John Conway; and Nicholson.

Poorly/brilliantly punned segments include Charaders of the Lost Ark, the Talented Mr Scribbly and One Take Wonder, where the panel is required to perform a severely pared-back script and figure out what film they’re starring in. In a Word Gone Mad the panel will attempt to describe a film to the audience using just one word.

The show’s first instalment will cover everything from James Bond to Napoleon Dynamite and Patrick Swayze’s “shithouse film from the 1980s”, Road House. Episode two in December will have a Star Wars focus given it’s on just days before the release of The Force Awakens.

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Despite the popularity of his radio show, Wheatley admits to feeling some nerves about coming out from behind a radio mic to amuse a real-life audience.

“It is a bit weird,” he says. “I do a bit of stand-up [and] although you speak to a lot more people in radio, they’re not actually there. With Spoiler Alert they’re all in the one room, looking at you. With their eyes! But I think the show is really good and the jokes I’ve written are ‘kinda funny, so I hope she goes well.”

Spoiler Alert is on at Giant Dwarf in Redfern on November 17 then again in dates in December and January.