Ira Glass, the man with the nasal but gentle voice who hosts weekly radio show and podcast, This American Life, will appear at the Sydney Opera House in July. He will perform in Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, which is exactly what the title promises – a three-act radio show with contemporary dancers.

Working with dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass, Ira Glass will reimagine radio interviews and personal stories through contemporary dance. Despite how the premise might sound, Glass promises it’s not at all pretentious.

“Dance is all visuals, no talking. Radio’s all talking, no visuals. I know this whole thing sounds a little nuts, but I swear, it’s pretty great,” says Glass. “[Barnes and Bass] are such funny, human-scale, relatable performers; their sensibility somehow matches a lot of what we do on the radio show,” Glass writes on the ​This American Life​ blog.

There’s (obviously) three acts to the performance. Act One focuses on what having a job as a performer is like; Act Two is about falling and remaining in love; Act Three looks at the impermanence of, well, everything. If it’s still unclear how it’ll work exactly, you can watch a sneak-peak of the radio-meets-contemporary-dance show. But just like listening episodes of This American Life, it’s better to sit back and see where it goes.

Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host will show on Sunday July 17 at 8pm and Monday July 18 at 6pm. Tickets go on sale Friday March 18.