Launching himself with little more than a camera and an internet connection, Brandon Stanton is considered one of the world’s most successful social media pioneers.

Humans of New York now has more than 20 million followers, but it was little more than a hobby when Stanton started it in 2010. The ex-bond trader moved from Chicago to the Big Apple, where he began walking the streets taking photos and talking to people and then posting them to Facebook.

The intimate and compelling portraits and stories he created captured hearts worldwide, spawned a number of unique spinoffs and even crossed the Pacific to land in Newtown.

Now the man who has told countless strangers’ stories is bringing his perspective on art and work to the Opera House.

Audiences will get a behind-the-scenes insight into Stanton’s work, when he discusses the highs and lows of his photojournalism, and reveals how Humans of New York began.

*Brandon Stanton will talk at the Sydney Opera House’s Concert Hall on Saturday February 10.*

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