An enormous immersive exhibition is popping up in Sydney next month. Happy Place has been phenomenally popular in North America, with more than one million people – including Adele, Kerry Washington and Hilary Duff – visiting it in LA, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. Sydney will be the first place outside of North America to enjoy the exhibition, which will be installed on the rooftop of Broadway shopping centre.

The multisensory installation spans almost 2000 square metres and features a slew of very Instagrammable immersive rooms. There’s the world’s largest indoor confetti dome, a giant rainbow with a “pot of happiness” (ball pit) at the end, a “cookie room” heightened with the scent of freshly baked choc-chip cookies, a rubber duck-lined space with a ball-filled bathtub, a mind-bending upside-down room, and a room filled with 40,000 handmade golden flowers.

Once they’ve had their fill of Instagram opportunities, visitors can head to the Happy Place Lemonade Stand, which donates a percentage of profits from its photogenic food, drink and retail store to local charities. Profits from Sydney’s Lemonade Stand will go towards Red Cross Australia.

Happy Place will be at Broadway Sydney from March 6 until May 3. Tickets are now on sale here.