On Monday February 14, Marrickville diner Valentina’s is hosting a Hitch Party, marrying a couple every hour from 7am till 3pm.

“We’re all about shaking up the industry and buggering off bride culture,” says celebrant Jacinta Mulholland, aka Jac the Hitcher. “We do no-bullshit, in-and-out weddings in rad places that don’t cost an arm and a leg.”

The event is a collaboration between the venue, Mulholland and photographer Benjamin Urquhart (Kings x Thieves). Each couple will rock up, get married and pose for photos, before celebrating with a coffee and cherry pie – all in half-an-hour and for $1000 (plus GST).

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“It’s now socially acceptable to have fewer guests at your wedding and walk away with your house deposit intact – especially since Covid has slashed everyone’s budgets,” says Mulholland.

On the day, the action will take place in a corner booth, featuring flower styling by “badass” florist the Marmalade Sky. There’s room for two witnesses, and if you don’t want to bring your own you can enlist staff from Valentina’s.

“It’s very Twin Peaks-y, but the decor is lush,” says Mulholland of the venue. “To me, it was just screaming out as the place to do little legals-only weddings.”

Mulholland and Urquhart have worked extensively on wedding events. Earlier this month, at tattoo parlour Ten Thousand Tigers in Hazelbrook, they married six couples – all of whom marked the occasion with matching tattoos. After the 2019–20 bushfires, Mulholland married six couples at an ice-cream shop in Melbourne in an event which doubled as a fundraiser.

The two also collaborate with barber Max Steel at Damned Romantic in the Blue Mountains, which Mulholland describes as “a registry office, but where Quentin Tarantino’s directing”.

“Our ethos is creating experiences that aren’t cookie cutter but are real rock’n’roll,” she says. “We enjoy raising eyebrows and seeing what we can get away with. And collaborating with really fun businesses which wouldn’t normally be thought of for weddings.”

Ready to raise some eyebrows? If you want to get married at Valentina’s on V Day, you’ll need to book your nuptials by Friday January 14. It gives the organisers time to sort out the legal papers (which Mulholland says “are a cinch”).