As part of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum Now festival, Surry Hills’ Golden Age Cinema & Bar will debut its first pop-up endeavour; an open-air cinema called Hollywood Nights.

From March 11–22, a leafy corner of The Domain will be transformed into a screening area inspired by classic Hollywood motifs. General manager Hahna Busch says the design consciously reflects the cinema’s Commonwealth Street space. “We’re enhancing the site we’ve been given but also bringing that cinematic quality,” she says. “We’re trying to emulate what we do at our permanent site so that there’s a real correlation between the two.”

The movies have been carefully programmed to traverse eight decades of film, covering family favourites such as Singing in the Rain and classics such as Back to the Future. “Those movies are made in one year, but set in another, so it’s playing on the idea of being transported to another place,” says Busch.

Hollywood Nights will be silent, with headphones provided for audio. Because the Spectrum Playground will be abuzz with other noise and activities, this was a practical decision. “We wanted people to be a part of the playground, but also be in their own world of watching films; immersed but not distracted by other sounds,” says Busch.

There’s no BYO, but not to worry; the guys behind the Nighthawk Diner at the Blacktown Drive-in have designed a menu to match the films. Lookout for their 1959 Harvester’s Scout truck and order a Marty Mac n Cheese McFly burger from their shiny silver trailer, affectionately named Queen Latifa.

Hollywood Nights will run in The Domain from March 11–22.