Freda’s After Hours, which started last year, is a monthly movie night that’s affordable and fun. Curated by Manuela Leigh, the selection of films is refreshing; it screens rare cinematic gems from various genres, styles and countries.

“I love film,” says Leigh. “That’s why I do it. There’s nothing like After Hours in Sydney and it’s a great way to watch movies that you might not usually get access to. It’s also a cool way to use the Freda’s space, bringing in a crowd of like-minded cinephiles.”

The summer/autumn program, titled Kiss Me With Your Eyes, is “a program showcasing love in its multiple iterations”, says Leigh.

Kicking it off today is Ang Lee’s 1994 film Eat Drink Man Woman. It’s a film about a love of food, drink and traditionalism. In March, After Hours will celebrate the love of cinema with Giuseppe Tornatore’s enchanting Cinema Paradiso, and in May it will show a classic love story: the 1962 French romantic drama Jules et Jim by Francois Truffaut.

The winter program, Bad Guys Never Die, will feature revolutionary and avant-garde horror films. Watch David Cronenberg’s 1979 sci-fi psychological thriller The Brood; the classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1984) by Tobe Hooper and Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1986).

Films will be screened in Freda’s new Down / Under Space. Themed snacks and drinks are available at each session.

Entry is free but a gold-coin donation is encouraged and proceeds go to local charities. This month’s proceeds will benefit Greyhound Rescue NSW.

Cinema Paradiso is showing on March 21.