Known for taking people out of their comfort zones, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) returns this November, but this time it’s taking place at a different harbourside location – Cockatoo Island.

“It’s the festival so dangerous it’s left the mainland,” says festival director Danielle Harvey.

Although speakers and the topics they’ll discuss have not yet been announced (you’ll need to wait until August for that) we’re told to expect lively debate on subjects including trust and truth, and what’s pushing and pulling on our public and personal boundaries.

“Knowing who to trust and what to believe has never been so complicated,” says Harvey. “How do you tell what is real and what’s not, and where you belong in the world. We’re bombarded from all sides and it’s difficult to know how we fit in and how to weed out that truth.”

And pivotal to unpacking those ideas this year is the festival’s new venue. “Audiences want to not just be told [about concepts], but to experience those ideas, and Cockatoo Island is the perfect place to offer that experience. It has space to stroll and for people to immerse themselves. The Opera House [where the event was previously held] was also a character, but this is the next phase,” she says.

Another first is a collaboration with the University of New South Wales’ Centre for Ideas, which is co-presenting the event with The Ethics Centre (which has been involved from the beginning). “It’s really exciting to have a uni like UNSW involved, particularly for its critical thinking,” says Harvey.

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And should we expect some dangerous surprises? “I can’t confirm exactly what is going to happen but yes, there are some exciting things planned.”

Speakers and festival details will be announced soon.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas takes place on Saturday November 3 and 4 on Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour.

This article was updated on August 30, 2018. It first appeared on Broadsheet on May 15, 2018.